Previously a store selling replica Chanel watches appeared at this domain name. To stop the owner of this site from continuing to take advantage of the public, Chanel took legal action. As a result of this action, a Federal Judge ordered the store shut down and the domain name transferred to Chanel’s control. The previous owners of the domain name were also ordered to pay Chanel over $500,000.00 in damages.

Replica Chanel Store

The 64 replica Chanel J12 watches offered for sale on were displayed three across over two pages on the site. Each replica watch had a product picture, the movement type of the watch, the product name, the “retail price” of the watch and “our price.”

So, for example, a picture of a black watch was listed as:
Swiss Quartz
Replica Chanel J12 Ceramic men Luxury Watches
Retail Price: $324
Our Price: $214

The store offered a large number of ways to refine your search for replica Chanel watches. For example, under “By Price” different price ranges were displayed with the number of replica Chanel watches under each displayed in parenthesis: $150-$200 (8), $201-$250 (23), $251-$300 (11), $301-$350 (12), $351-$450 (10). A similar arrangement was offered for “By Case”: Ceramic (36), Ceramic/Aluminium (1), Rose Gold (4), Rose Gold/Ceramic (1), White Gold (7), White Gold/Ceramic (14), Yellow Gold/Ceramic (1).