Previously a store selling replica Chanel watches appeared at this domain name. To stop the owner of this site from continuing to take advantage of the public, Chanel took legal action. As a result of this action, a Federal Judge ordered the store shut down and the domain name transferred to Chanelís control. The previous owners of the domain name were also ordered to pay Chanel over $500,000.00 in damages.

Replica Chanel

What do you really get when you buy a Chanel replica watch? Some people jump at the chance to own replica Chanel watches thinking they are simply getting a great deal on a product they love; but will it look good on your wrist just because it looked good on the internet? It is hard to tell about the quality of a watch just from a picture online, and while you know the quality of a genuine Chanel watch would be excellent, how can you be sure about a replica watch?

To start with, the quality of a replica Chanel watch is not likely to match a consumerís expectations regarding a genuine Chanel watch. Replica watches generally are produced with the focus on controlling costs and not on quality. To make a watch which can be sold cheaply, less durable lower quality materials are typically used.

While these cheaper materials might give the replica watch a similar look in the storeís product picture, they will not wear the same as the high quality materials used to craft a genuine Chanel watches. So, while a real Chanel watch will continue to look great as you wear it day after day, the luster of a replica watch will quickly fade as pieces scratch, fade or just outright break.

Beyond the actual materials used for Chanel replica watches, the craftsmanship is also likely to be less than ideal. Whereas Chanel watches are crafted with care, the production of replica watches is more focused on speed of production and the limiting of costs which usually leads to an error prone manufacturing process.